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Dongguang County plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.To provide customers with comprehensive,

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Contact: Yan manager
telephone: 0317-7696987
faxes: 0317-7696987
postcode: 061600
mail box: 1002168888@qq.com
service hotline: 400-0317-807
site: South Industrial Development Zone, Dongguang County City, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province
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Service commitment:
The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, life service;
Response within 2 hours of receiving user's request;
Enthusiastic service, do not reject user's reasonable request;
Provide free technical consultation and product information to users for free use and maintenance training;
Collect products’ catalog for free, return regular calls to users and listen to users' opinions.
Customer service hotline: 400-0317-807
Address: No 1,Baitong industrial park, Tiexi district, Dongguang county of Hebei province.